News from Caroline Russell: High Court judgement on air pollution is ‘victory for public health’

02 November 2016

A triumph for public health was secured today as ClientEarth won their legal challenge over the Government’s ‘woefully inadequate’ Air Quality Plan. [1]

This plan was not expected to bring the UK into compliance with legal Nitrogen Dioxide limits until 2020 and London until 2025.

The Mayor of London was registered as an interested party in the High Court case and the early delivery of his air pollution plans cannot be achieved without a national action plan.

The Government will need to revise their plans to bring air pollution within legal limits ‘as soon as possible’.

Caroline Russell said:

“Thank goodness for the judge clarifying that the current plans are inadequate, this is a clear victory for public health. Clearly the Government was failing citizens in its refusal to take this desperate public health emergency seriously.

“Londoners are clamouring for action to clean up our air and the Government must now urgently produce a robust national plan that supports and strengthens the Mayor’s ultra low emission zone plans. London must be able to comply with legal levels of Nitrogen Dioxide by 2020 or hopefully sooner. 

“The Mayor must keep lobbying the Government to remove diesel powered vehicles from our roads, as soon as possible, transferring Londoners' daily journeys to walking cycling and public transport.”

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