Kulveer Ranger on false allegations regarding cycle safety

20 April 2012

Statement from Kulveer Ranger, Director of Environment & Digital London, on false allegations regarding cycle safety

It has been alleged at mayoral election hustings and reported in the media that I was personally responsible for ordering TfL to prioritise vehicle traffic flow over cycle safety in the redesign of Bow Roundabout last year.

This allegation is not just ‘reprehensible’, as the Mayor said when it was first made, it is also entirely untrue. As the Mayor made clear in his written response to questions from Jenny Jones in March (MQs 1023-1026), I was not consulted on the Cycle Highway Infrastructure Plan (CHIP) for Barclays Cycle Superhighway 2 or the CHIPs for any of the other superhighways.

To be clear, this and other technical documents of this type are not brought to the Mayor’s office for input. Indeed, I first saw the Barclays Cycle Superhighway Route 2 CHIP report after the press made specific reference to elements of its contents in Autumn of last year. It is therefore inaccurate and misleading to claim that I have intervened to deliberately compromise the safety of cyclists, pedestrians or any other road users.

I strongly refute the false allegations regarding this issue. Kulveer S Ranger

Director of Environment & Digital London