Shooters Hill Road and Kidbrooke Park Road

Date petition submitted: 
07 December 2016
Petition presented by: 
Shaun Bailey AM,
Petition presented at: 
London Assembly Plenary

Summary of petition

“We the undersigned are concerned about the speed of traffic and the noise generated from motorbikes and modified cars on Shooters Hill Road and Kidbrooke Park Road. Our roads are plagued by noisy vehicles speeding along them and local residents have had enough. The speeding makes both roads more dangerous and increases both noise and air pollution in the area. We call on Greenwich Council, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police to take whatever enforcement action is available to them to reduce speeds and unnecessary, intrusive noise.”

Response information

Response title: 
Mayor's Response
Name of person responding: 
Sadiq Khan, Chairman of Transport for London
Response date: 
24 January 2017
"Thank you for your letter of 21 December enclosing a petition about noise and traffic pollution on Shooters Hill Road and Kidbrooke Park Road. I was concerned to hear that vehicles and motorbikes are speeding along these roads and the noise levels experienced by local residents. This is clearly a significant issue and frustrating for all those affected. In my "A City for All Londoners" document, I have made a clear commitment to reducing danger on our streets. As part of this, I have asked Transport for London (TfL) to adopt a Vision Zero approach to road danger reduction, which aims to eliminate dangerous behaviour from our roads. Key to this is reducing traffic volumes and speeds and tackling illegal, careless and dangerous road user behaviour. TfL is responsible for the TfL Road Network, (TLRN) better known as Red Routes. These roads are London's main routes and make up 5% of the total road network, while the London brought have responsibility for the remainder of the roads in the capital. TfL works with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) to minimise congestion and improve road safety on the TLRN road network to ensure it operates safely and efficiently. The MPS enforces against speeding on London's roads and the local boroughs are responsible for addressing issues of noise pollution from vehicles using the roads. Following receipt of your letter, TfL raised the issues affecting Shooters Hill Road and Kidbrooke Park Road with the MPS. TfL will work with the MPS to carry out a review on speeding traffic along these roads and will enforce against any illegal behaviour. The MPS will work with the local borough to address concerns about noise pollution generated from motorbikes and modified cars. You may be aware that TfL works in partnership with the MPS to run Community Roadwatch. Through this scheme, volunteers across London work alongside police officers to monitor traffic speeds in their local area and improve compliance. Petitioners interested in this scheme can take part by contacting their local MPS Safer Transport Team, details of which can be found at: I would also advice local residents to report future incidents of road traffic anti-social behaviour directly to the police using their online reporting tool at: Reporting in detail the times and dates of recurring incidents will allow the police to deploy their offices at that location to have the greatest impact. Thank you again for writing."