London Jobs

Date petition submitted: 
08 February 2017
Petition presented by: 
Andrew Dismore AM,
Petition presented at: 
London Assembly Plenary

Summary of petition

“We the undersigned, request that London’s institutions fight for the protection of London’s jobs through the continuation of our membership in the single market, and the preservation of our influence over its rules.”

Response information

Response title: 
Mayor's Response
Name of person responding: 
Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London
Response date: 
27 March 2017
"Thank you for the petition presented to the London Assembly (Plenary) Meeting on 8 February by Andrew Dismore AM requesting that London's institutions fight for the protection of London's jobs through the continuation of our membership in the single market. Protecting and increasing the number of jobs in London is crucially important. While it is disappointing that the Government has ruled out trying to negotiate continued membership of the single market once Article 50 has been triggered, I will continue to put pressure on them to ensure that maintaining and promoting London's economic strengths, for the benefit of the UK as well as for Londoners, will be a central part of the UK's negotiating position with our European partners. I believe that to accomplish this the Government needs to guarantee that all EU citizens presently living in the UK can stay post Brexit; to agree an interim trade arrangement that ensures current market access is retained during the negotiations on our future trade relationship with the EU; and to ensure that our future trading relationship with Europe doesn't place tariff or non-tariff barriers in the way of businesses. I believe more clarity should be given regarding future immigration policy. The Government should ensure that a post-Brexit system will deliver the access to talent that the capital needs. If the Government cannot deliver this through a national system, then London should be given more control over the allocation of work permits and other visas to achieve this end."