Installation of lifts at Stanmore Underground Station

Date petition submitted: 
22 July 2009
Petition presented by: 
Navin Shah AM,
Petition presented at: 
London Assembly Plenary

Summary of petition

‘We the undersigned urgently request the installation of lifts at Stanmore Underground Station, as an addition to the current enlargement. The existing "disabled access" is completely inadequate. It is a long steep path, which is impossible for many disabled people and people pushing wheelchairs to negotiate. The usual entrance/exit (via 48 steep steps) can be difficult even for the able-bodied - particularly the elderly, people with heavy luggage, those with small children, pushchairs etc. At a time when all public buildings are required to have proper disabled access, this should surely be a priority at a tube-station, particularly one which serves such important venues as the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Wembley Stadium, and which will be used by people from all over the country during the Olympics and Paralympics ’