Electronic information at 417 and 432 bus stops

Date petition submitted: 
08 June 2011
Petition presented by: 
Valerie Shawcross (past staff) AM,
Petition presented at: 
London Assembly Plenary

Summary of petition

"Please sign this petition if you would like an electronic information board to be installed at the 417 and 432 bus stops”.

Response information

Name of person responding: 
The Mayor
Response date: 
21 September 2011
“Transport for London is due to begin a rollout of a replacement Countdown facility this autumn putting approximately 2,500 signs across London. These signs will be allocated to the sites that currently have a Countdown sign and to those sites where there is most value to passengers. “Unfortunately, none of the stops near to the Norwood School served by routes 417 and 432 have been allocated a Countdown sign because there are lots of other stops where provision of a sign will be of more benefit to many more people. “However, Countdown information will be available for all stops through the internet, mobile internet and SMS (text message), and this service will be launched in the autumn. This will provide the same information as the bus stop Countdown signs but on your own personal device – your mobile phone. “There is also the option for external parties, in this case perhaps the borough, to purchase Countdown signs and augment the planned rollout. Should there be an interest in purchasing a Countdown sign, a representative of the borough can contact the TfL Countdown team at [email protected] for further information."