Making furniture in Alma Road, Enfield

Industrial Audits

We have conducted detailed audits with partners of businesses on London's industrial land.

These audits look behind the shutters of London's warehouses, factories and workshops, and provides evidence to inform planning processes, and ensures that London continues to find space for industry.

The studies include pdf copies of the audit reports, you will be able to access data from The Datastore soon. Data from the original audits has been processed by us for consistency and to allow for comparison across datasets. 

Upper Lea Valley

Date: 2011-2016

Client: GLA, LB Haringey, LB Waltham Forest, LB Enfield

Number of businesses: 2078

Number of jobs: 40,200

Since 2011 the GLA and borough partners have undertaken audits in the Upper Lea Valley. In 2016 the GLA pulled together the previous audit work into a single data set, revealing the wider economy of the Upper Lea Valley as a whole. This is the first time that such a large area of London's industrial land has been comprehensively mapped.  Home to more than 2000 businesses, employing more that 40,000 people, the audit reveals the economic importance of industrial land in the Upper Lea Valley (£2.15 billion GVA to the London economy).

Download Industry in the Upper Lea Valley

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Upper Lea Valley - Tottenham

Date: 2011

Client: GLA, LB Haringey

Number of businesses: 687

Number of jobs: 7000

Conducted in 2011 by architects Gort Scott, the From Around Here study was the first industrial audit commissioned by the GLA. The study highlighted the importance of Tottenham's industrial estates for both the local and London-wide economy. Individual businesses on the estates produce more than 700kg of humus each week, bake 1,000,000 bread rolls per year, and import 50,000 carpets every year.

Download From Around Here

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Upper Lea Valley - Waltham Forest

Date: 2011

Client: GLA, LB Waltham Forest

Number of businesses: 370

Number of jobs: 4100

Conducted in 2013 by architects Gort Scott, the Waltham Forest Employment study revealed the large number of businesses working within the relatively small area of employment land in Waltham Forest. The Upper Lea Valley Industrial audit highlights that employment densities in Lea Bridge and Blackhorse Lane are almost twice those in other parts of London. The study itself revealed a host of makers, and micro manufacturers that have made use of older, smaller industrial stock that characterises both areas. 

Download Waltham Forest Employment study

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Old Kent Road

Date: 2015

Client: GLA, LB Southwark

Number of businesses: 752

Number of jobs: 9500

The Old Kent Road Employment study covered one of London's iconic high streets, as well as its industrial hinterland, revealing a high density of activity and employment. Specialist manufacturers, printers and couriers have made use of older, smaller industrial stock to service the central London market. 

Download Old Kent Road Employment Study

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Park Royal

Date: 2014

Client: GLA, LB Ealing, LB Brent

Number of businesses: 1934

Number of jobs: 31,000

The Park Royal Atlas represents the single largest survey conducted by the GLA to date. Following months of surveying and interviews the Atlas highlights the role Park Royal plays as a vital manufacturing hub, providing Londoners with everything from bread and fruit juice to fully fitted Ambulance Cars.

Download Park Royal Atlas

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Other areas

Alongside work commissioned by the GLA, London boroughs and other organisations have conducted a number of audits in London's industrial land. Where methodologies are comparable and data is available, the GLA has taken this data and made it consistent with the format in the above studies.

Loughborough Junction (Dataset to be uploaded)

Harrow Industrial Stories (Dataset to be uploaded)

London Legacy Development Corporation - Business Sruvey (Dataset to be uploaded)