No new airport runways

The noise from flights at Heathrow already seriously affects three-quarters of a million people in London. This would rise to one million if the government follows the recommendations of the Davies Commission to add a third runway.

Meanwhile the air around Heathrow is already polluted above legal limits. A third runway would make that air even more toxic for 50,000 Londoners.

Keeping Heathrow in check is not just about noise and pollution. We also need to stop climate change from going dangerously out of control.

I will continue to provide critical support for campaigns to block new runways, whether at Heathrow or Gatwick, and challenge the argument that ‘some’ airport expansion is needed. It isn't.

One of the first acts of the new Mayor of London was to instruct the GLA to drop his predecessor’s objection to a Compulsory Purchase Order of GLA land which strengthens the hand of City Airport and their expansion plans.

It’s my intention to block these plans and to challenge the Mayor over his misguided decision. In the longer term to redevelop the London City Airport site into a thriving housing and business quarter.

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