Monitoring and predicting air pollution


The Mayor of London has recently consulted Londoners on initial proposals on new charges on the most polluting vehicles in central London and the expansion of the proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone across the whole of inner London up to the boundaries of the North and South Circular.  The deadline for public responses was Friday 29th July 2016.

Read my consultation response.

The Mayor’s proposals include:

  • bringing the implementation of the central London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) forward by one year to 2019
  • expanding the ULEZ beyond central London in 2020
  • introducing a new Emissions Surcharge from 2017 for the most polluting vehicles entering central London
  • giving TfL the go-ahead to start looking at a diesel scrappage scheme as part of a wider national scheme run by the government
  • keeping Londoners better informed and alerted when pollution is at its worst
  • making sure TfL leads by example by cleaning up its bus fleet and buying only hybrid or zero emission double-decker buses from 2018.

The Mayor will undertake a further, more detailed consultation later this year.

No more delays on clean air

My overriding concern is to ensure the new Mayor of London takes the range of actions necessary to deliver safe breathable air for all Londoners and to bring London’s air within legal limits in the shortest time possible, and by 2020 at the latest.
This is critical as pollution shortens lives, triggers asthma and can permanently reduce children’s lung capacities. Whether it’s commuting to work, living by a busy road or sitting in an office or classroom, being exposed to illegal levels of toxic air from diesel vehicles, remains a daily and inescapable reality for Londoners.

I'm interested to hear from communities living on the boundaries or outside of the North and South Circular and to help them find out how much pollution they are regularly exposed to.

I am therefore looking for individuals and community groups who are already measuring air pollution or who are willing to get involved in measuring pollution levels on their local streets over the summer.  It won’t take long and is easy to do.

If the evidence backs it, I will ask the Mayor to consult on including cars, motorbikes and vans in his Londonwide scheme rather than limiting controls at the North and South Circulars.  This would bring clean air to all Londoners, not just those in the centre.

What’s the problem with our air quality?

  • 9,416
    die early every year because of air pollution
  • £3.7
    the cost of air pollution to London’s economy
  • 24%
    Primary schools
    are in areas that breech the legal limit for NO2 (air pollution)
  • 2x
    as likely to die
    from lung diseases if you live in deprived vs affluent areas of London