People-friendly transport

As the city grows, the Mayor must make the right choices if he is to get Londoners around safely and efficiently.

People-friendly streets

Some world-class sections of cycle superhighway have now been built in central London. Pedestrians’ needs are now being considered when big junctions are redesigned. But most of the capital remains hostile for people who want to get around by bike or on foot.

Cycling must become easy and safe for all and it should be enjoyable to walk around any London neighbourhood. This is what local people tell me when I’m out and about, listening to Londoners. I will be urging the Mayor to increase the cycling and walking budgets and I’ll scrutinise the schemes he proposes, making sure they will make life easier for everyone.

I will encourage him to make our streets safer, by allowing more time for pedestrians to cross the road. I’ll press him to introduce 20mph limits on roads under his control and support boroughs to do likewise.

Reducing traffic

London is gridlocked. The Mayor has pledged to keep the city moving, but he must be willing to take measures that will deter driving.

I will lobby him to review London’s long-term infrastructure plan, planning for new rail links, trams and light rail services rather than roads.

I will push him to adopt a road user charging scheme based on levels of pollution from the vehicle, the distance driven and the time of day and type of road used.

New roads bring new traffic and threaten the environment and communities. So I will work with local people opposed to new road river crossings in east London, including the Silvertown Tunnel, and all other damaging roads projects in the pipeline. I will make the case for a positive package of public transport alternatives that people will welcome on their doorsteps.

I will urge the Mayor to lobby the government to reverse its bus subsidy cuts and then spend that money improving services, tackling overcrowding and keeping fares down.

And as taxis help fill gaps in public transport, I will support London’s black cab drivers in meeting the new emissions standards and support a regulated private hire industry.

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