Shurgard Storage Centre

Thursday 7 February 2019, all day

Motion detail

“Following the devastating fire at the Shurgard Storage Centre in Croydon, this Assembly expresses its sympathy to those people who lost possessions including irreplaceable family heirlooms, photos and memorable items. However, this fire and other similar incidents have revealed a deficit in regulation and protection for customers who put their trust in such facilities to hold their most valued and irreplaceable possessions. Customers affected by the fire have raised concerns over fire safety in the building as well as highlighting potentially misleading information and a lack of support given to customers by Shurgard after the fire. With 40 per cent of Europe’s self-storage being in the UK, the Government must step in. We join the Mayor in calling for an urgent review into the regulations and processes related to this industry so that it is held to account for its responsibility to provide the highest level of service and security for people’s belongings.”