Sexual Health Funding

Thursday 6 December 2018, all day

Motion detail

This Assembly notes that sexual health funding from London boroughs has dropped from an average of £176 million in 2013/14 to £148 million in 2017/18, a 16 per cent reduction.[1]


We note that, although the Mayor does not control where councils make cuts, he is able to exert his political influence, in particular through the London Health Board, to make the case to London councils for them supporting sexual health clinics.


We welcome the work of the London Assembly Health Committee in raising this issue with the Mayor.[2]


We recognise that even asking for help for sexual health problems can be a barrier to some people accessing services and that the situation is worsening as Londoners are having to compete for appointments or are even being turned away from clinics already struggling to meet demand.


This Assembly therefore urges the Mayor to make strong representations to London boroughs urging them to make sexual health support a priority.”


[1] Sexual health funding cut by 16 per cent across London. Sian Berry, Oct 2018,

[2] Letter from the chair of the London Assembly Health Committee, Jun 2018,