Plans for the Future of Rail

Wednesday 7 December 2016, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly notes that on 6th December 2016 the Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling MP, announced his plans for the future of rail. These plans require franchises to have integrated operating teams between train services and infrastructure. This Assembly also notes with disappointment that the Minister has formally rejected TfL’s proposals to take over Southeastern services from 2018 and is concerned that this demonstrates the Minister’s attitude to further rail devolution across London.


This Assembly notes London’s success story in rail devolution. The North London Line has been transformed beyond recognition since it was taken over by TfL and rebranded as London Overground. Network Rail’s latest public performance measurements for period 8 of 2016/17 show TfL Rail in 1st place and London Overground in 2nd place.


This Assembly highlights the cross party support for further rail devolution in London. For example, Kent County Council would be in favour of TfL taking over parts of the South Eastern franchise. Furthermore, the Conservative and Labour Co-chairs of the cross-party All Party Parliamentary Group for London, Bob Neill MP and Steve Reed MP, are convinced “that transferring more suburban services to TfL will bring about positive and tangible changes for rail passengers across the capital.”


This Assembly believes that through TfL, London is already well-placed to provide solutions to the challenges of transport provision in our capital.


The Assembly therefore asks the Secretary of State for Transport to reconsider his decision to reward failure by allowing companies with poor track records to bid for the franchises rather than to devolve franchise management to TfL, which has proven record of delivering to a high standard.”