Mayoral Direction to London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority

Wednesday 23 July 2014, 12:00pm

Motion detail

That the Assembly notes the answers to the questions asked.

This Assembly notes Mayoral Direction 1385 – Direction to LFEPA on partial performance – compelling the Commissioner of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) to prepare a ‘report to the 2 October LFEPA meeting, investigating…withholding payment from fire fighters for part or the whole period of duty on which they are on strike’[1].

This Assembly is concerned that, despite several debates at LFEPA on the issue of ‘locking fire fighters out’ (culminating in the conclusion that this would be a self-defeating and provocative approach to industrial relations), the Mayor is insisting LFEPA considers taking this incendiary course of action.

This Assembly regards the Mayor’s Direction as an unnecessary and deliberately antagonistic approach to industrial relations; that it will hinder rather than help the resolution of the current dispute; and that the safety of Londoners will be jeopardised should a decision be made to ‘lock out’ fire fighters.

Given these grave concerns about Mayoral Direction 1385, this Assembly calls on the Mayor to withdraw it with immediate effect and pursue a route that puts the welfare of Londoners before his politically-motivated desire to attack fire fighters in the capital.

[1] Johnson. B, Mayoral Decision 1385, Direction to LFEPA on partial performance, Issued: 23.07.14