London's Front Gardens and Permeable Solutions

Wednesday 10 February 2016, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly recognises the important contribution that London’s front garden plant cover provides for flood protection, wildlife habitats, shade and cooling during heatwaves[1], the alleviation of air pollution, the character and identity of our streets, and for our wellbeing.


However, the Assembly is concerned by the findings in the Royal Horticultural Society report ‘Green Grey Britain’[2] that half of all London’s front gardens are now paved over, marking a 36% increase in the past ten years, with five times as many front gardens with no plants compared to ten years ago. We are also concerned with the use of narrow grilles which allow driveways to be covered with impermeable surfaces, putting further pressure on the drainage system[3].


This Assembly therefore calls on the Mayor and the Government to review the permeable ‘solutions’ element of the permitted development regulations, including the use of grilles, and to consider promoting lawns, flower beds, rain gardens and other vegetation over other permeable options such as permeable block paving, porous asphalt or concrete.”




[3] In