Flexible Working

Wednesday 8 February 2017, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly supports the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) commitment to flexible working arrangements working in partnership with Timewise and would like to see this extended to all businesses in London.


This Assembly believes that flexible working to suit employee’s lifestyle and commitments increases staff motivation, which benefits their team, the wider GLA and then London as a whole. Most roles at the GLA are open to flexible working and everyone is able to discuss flexible working with their line-manager.


This Assembly notes Timewise’s research that flexible working has a number of benefits for both staff and organisations. Access to flexible working increases talent attraction by attracting people who wouldn’t otherwise apply, because they will not consider a full-time role; career progression for women who are underemployed in part-time in low-skilled jobs and by increasing diversity in senior roles. 


This Assembly notes that almost two million people are either locked out of work or stuck in low paid jobs for which they are overqualified due to the lack of flexible working arrangements. For those people with caring responsibilities, or health or age related needs, the struggle to find a quality part time job is the difference between living in or out of poverty.


This Assembly calls on the Mayor to share the good practice of the GLA and the benefits that flexible working brings with London’s businesses, working with them to introduce flexible working arrangements to encourage more part-time skilled jobs and an increasingly diverse skilled workforce.”