Wednesday 24 July 2013, 10:00am

Motion detail

The Assembly notes that the London Fairtrade Steering Group and the London Boroughs have thanked the Greater London Authority for its active support since Fairtrade City status was achieved five years ago on 26th October 2008. The Group also acknowledged with appreciation, the GLA’s help in contributing to the renewal of its Fairtrade City status in 2013.

Given the Assembly’s proactive role in leading this Fairtrade City since passing its previous resolution of support for Fairtrade on 13th March 2007, the Assembly reconfirms its commitment to Fairtrade. It expresses its support for the use, expansion and promotion of the range of Fairtrade products in City Hall and other GLA establishments. It recommends that the GLA commits to working with its catering contractors, staff, residents, visitors, businesses, the public and the voluntary sectors to increase the availability and take up of ‘FAIRTRADE’ marked food, drink and clothing options.

The Assembly congratulates the 25 London Boroughs that have already achieved Fairtrade Borough status and recognises the work of the whole community in achieving this. The Assembly urges all 33 London Boroughs to support the campaign by passing or renewing a Fairtrade resolution.