Climate Change

Wednesday 2 December 2015, all day

Motion detail

“This Assembly notes:

  • recent research suggesting that “profound and immediate changes” are now required to keep average global warming below the guardrail of 2°C and that global greenhouse gas emissions must peak as soon as possible and be falling by 10 per cent a year within the next decade[1][1].
  • analysis of the draft Paris agreement by the European Commission which suggests that, with the pledges from nations so far, global emissions won’t peak until 2030[2][2], and further analysis suggesting that on the basis of these pledges we will still experience global average warming of 2.7°C of warming by 2100, compared to warming of 3.7°C based on the full implementation of existing government policies[3][3].
  • reporting by the Government’s Committee on Climate Change that UK emissions were only falling by an underlying rate of 1 per cent per year, when at least 3 per cent annual reductions are required to meet the its current policy commitments[4][4].
  • the £9.6 billion of UK government subsidies given annually to fossil fuel extraction in the UK and overseas, equivalent to £350 per household, which the March 2015 budget further increased while reducing support for renewable energy[5][5], while the Energy Secretary has admitted the UK government will miss its legally binding renewable energy target for 2020 due to “the absence of a credible plan”[6][6].

This Assembly calls on the Mayor of London to:

  • protect climate change programmes in his 2016-17 budget, including the safeguarding of the London Climate Change Partnership following funding cuts from the Environment Agency;
  • urge fellow city leaders at the C40 meetings in Paris to adopt the strongest possible measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and
  • make this climate emergency a top priority for his remaining time in office, particularly when lobbying the government.”

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