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Safer Spaces

Date published: 
10 May 2016

The success of your business depends on many things but one is providing a safe and secure environment for your customers, employees and visitors. Such an environment will help reduce the incidence and impact of crime. Without good security, and the trust which flows from it, your staff, premises and the space around you will be at a disadvantage compared to your competitors – and could lose you money.

The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) in London recognises this imperative. Two strategic aims are to design areas around London to prevent crime and reassure the public. The Safe Spaces Self-Assessment Scheme has been created to help you recognise how you can identify and improve safety, security and resilience.

As part of this effort, a panel of experts and professionals from business and the police, led by London First, have produced this self-assessment survey tool to help you assess your risks and to provide ideas on how best to respond to them. Any solution should always be proportional to the risks.

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