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London Assembly

The London Assembly is your voice for London at City Hall. Assembly Members raise your issues of concern, conduct investigations and consult you on new ideas to improve life in the capital. We examine and approve the Mayor’s budget and his key projects and our committees monitor the Mayor’s activities across transport, housing, policing and more. The 25 elected London Assembly members work for you, holding the Mayor to account publicly every day, not just at election time.

Will sustainable delivery options, Click&Collect, out-of-hours deliveries, consolidation centres and vans as a substitute for HGVs reduce commercial traffic and how can these services be enhanced? The Transport Committee wants to hear your views on commercial traffic. More
Despite being the most affluent, populous and one of the sunniest parts of the country, London has the lowest amount of installed solar power capacity of any region in... More
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The Health Committee is investigating tackling TB in London. Thousands of Londoners are diagnosed with TB each year, despite the fact that the disease is both... More
Official estimates suggest that over 3,000 deaths each year in London are attributable to air pollution, namely because of man-made toxic airborne particles[1]   London... More