DD1231 Team London Marketing Campaign

Type of decision: 
Director's decision
Date signed: 
18 June 2014
Decision by: 
Jeff Jacobs, Head of Paid Service

Executive summary

Team London is the Mayor’s action plan for volunteering. Under MD1341 the Mayor approved expenditure of up to £680,000 to support Team London’s continued work to increase volunteering in London and delegated authority for expenditure of funds to the Executive Director of Communities and Intelligence.

In addition, the GLA was awarded £3m from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) towards a Smart Cities Demonstrator Programme (MD1247), which includes £750, 000 for the development and delivery of a Micro-Work and Volunteering platform. The online portal supports the Mayor’s Volunteering Strategy and his vision for a Smart London ; one that puts technological innovation at the heart of efforts to address challenges that global cities face. There are two strands to the online platform: the first is to give Londoners the flexibility to volunteer in ways that fit their busy lifestyles. The second is to connect young people to work experience – be it through volunteering or paid work.

The GLA has entered into a funding agreement with The Red Trust to deliver a micro-platform which will enable people (particularly the younger market) to engage in short-term volunteering opportunities and use these to gain short-term work. Team London wishes to use some of the TSB funding to support the launch of that platform with a marketing campaign to drive young people to use the platform.

This DD seeks approval for the expenditure of up to £115,000 on a marketing campaign which will engage students in volunteering as a route to develop the skills to gain work opportunities and direct them to the new Team London platform to enable them to do this.

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