ADD326 London City Airport

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
29 June 2015
Decision by: 
Simon Powell, Assistant Director of Strategic Projects and Property

Executive summary

The GLA decided to pursue acquiring/securing the rights over the Dock bed of Royal Albert Dock from the Royal Docks Management Company (RoDMA) for the proposed expansion of City Airport. A specialist property consultant was appointed to assist the GLA with the negotiations to dispose of the land to City Airport.

The negotiations were initially put on hold until City Airport secured a resolution to grant planning for the development from the London Borough of Newham (LBN). LBN resolved to grant planning permission for the physical works for the proposed expansion required on the 3 February 2015 and duly referred the application to the Mayor on the 13 March 2015 to decide if he wished to take over the application for his own determination, direct the Council to refuse it, or allow LBN to determine the application itself.

Negotiations were however aborted when the Mayor decided on the 26 March 2015 to direct LBN to refuse the application as it was contrary to the London Plan and did not adequately mitigate and manage its adverse noise impacts.


The Assistant Director approves expenditure of £15,000 plus VAT on the abortive consultancy fee related to the proposed acquisition of the Dock bed of the Royal Albert Dock.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

1.1    London City Airport submitted a planning application to increase the maximum number of passengers passing through the airport a year to 6 million.   This would require the expansion of the runway apron to provide additional space for larger planes.  

1.2    In February the London Borough of Newham’s Planning Committee resolved to grant planning permission for the development of the Airport as well as a 260 bed hotel. 

1.3    The application was referred to the Mayor of London for a final decision on 13 March 2015.  After careful consideration the Mayor decided not to approve the applications as it was contrary to the London Plan and did not adequately mitigate and manage its adverse noise impacts. 

Objectives and expected outcomes

2.1    Agree terms for the disposal under a long lease of land above the dock bed. The disposal would only proceed if the Mayor of London supportive the proposal.

Equality comments

3.1    There are no equality implications. The disposal of the land did not proceed and therefore none of the objectives or expected outcomes were achieved. 

Other considerations

Key Risks and issues.

Key Risks

Mitigation Strategy

City Airport may take the decision to appeal the decision.

None require for housing & land.  If successful take instructions from the Mayor on whether to re-start negotiations  with City Airport

Additional budget required.

Final account agreed.  Any additional budget requirement will be subject to a separate approval.

Financial comments

5.1    The consultancy fee for feasibility work around the expansion to City Airport was funded from the 2014/15 Land and Property budget. It was included in the 2015/16 budget workings with an estimated requirement of £47,000 across 2014/15 and 2015/16.

Planned delivery approach and next steps

Not required. Negotiations aborted.