The State of London Debate: tell us what’s next for the capital

On 29 June at the O2, Londoners joined the State of London Debate and put their questions to the Mayor on everything from housing to transport, environment to safety. 

Missed it? You can still tell us what you think about a range of issues affecting London, by taking our quick survey below.

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Find out more about what the Mayor is doing for Londoners


Housing icon

The housing crisis is the biggest challenge facing Londoners today.

The Mayor has put £3.15 billion towards affordable housing and is giving more help to our homeless.

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Transport icon

With more people choosing to make the city their home, the Mayor is investing to keep London on the move.

He's brought in the hopper fare, night tube and frozen TfL fares.

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Policing icon

Keeping Londoners safe is the Mayor’s first priority.

That's why he's created a new plan for a safer city and introduced more dedicated neighbourhood police.

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Economy icon
Growing the economy

When London succeeds, Britain succeeds.

The Mayor has been batting for the city's businesses and showing that London is open.

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Air pollution

London’s polluted air is a blight on our city and the health of all Londoners.

The Mayor is cleaning up London's air with the T-Charge and low emission bus lanes.

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