City for all Londoners

A City for All Londoners

Start date: 24 October 2016
End date: 11 December 2016

The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has published a new vision for London: A City for All Londoners.

This document outlines the capital’s top challenges and opportunities across priority policy areas, as well as the changes that City Hall wants to deliver over the next four years.

We want people to tell us what they think about this document. So, over the next few weeks, we're inviting stakeholders, community and voluntary organisations, and Londoners to take part in workshops and discussions to shape City Hall policy.

Now we are asking Londoners to share their experiences and discuss their needs in the city on our online forum - Talk London.

What is 'A City for All Londoners'?

The Mayor’s role is to steer London in the right direction as the city changes. A City for All Londoners outlines how he plans to respond positively to pressures on growth, celebrate diversity and unite through our unique culture. 

It aims to ensure people from all walks of life are healthy and live well alongside each other. We want to build a city that's open to the world for business and where Londoners experience a high standard of living, fitting for the world’s greatest city.

This document sets out a direction for London, which the Mayor will later expand upon in detailed strategies, including:

  • land use and growth (the London Plan)
  • transport
  • housing
  • economic development
  • the environment
  • policing and crime
  • culture
  • health inequalities

We would like to implement these strategies by working with the London boroughs, local authorities in the Wider South East, central government, civil societies and all other organisations that want to join us in the interests of Londoners.

Sadiq is committed to making sure that policy makers in City Hall are fully aware of stakeholder and public needs as early as possible.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the A City for All Londoners, please can you email [email protected]. Please put 'A City for All Londoners' in the title and provide your postal address.

To make sure everyone gets a chance to have their say about A City for All Londoners we're holding: stakeholder workshops, community focus groups and online discussions.

Stakeholder workshops

We held a number of stakeholder workshops on a range of strategic policy areas. You can view the presentations and notes from these workshops below.

Community group research

We will hold separate focus groups with people from different ethnic backgrounds; disabled people; lesbian, gay and bisexual people; older people;  trans people; women; and young people to discuss the needs of London’s communities and to try to link policy with people’s daily lives. 

Groups will be exploring topics including:

  • growth
  • opportunities
  • inclusiveness.

Select a topic to find out more.

Accommodating Growth: changing ways of living

  • high density communities
  • re-thinking housing
  • acting efficiently – energy, water and waste

Opportunities in London

  • London’s cultural offer
  • skills and jobs
  • the role of High Streets and Town Centres

A London for all

  • inclusive neighbourhoods
  • healthy streets
  • social infrastructure

Discussions with Londoners

We are also gathering Londoners’ views on their experiences and needs in the city on our online community forum: Talk London.

Our existing strategies

To help you give feedback, these are the existing City Hall strategies currently being updated:

Your feedback will help us develop these key strategies, which we'll be sharing again in 2017.  You can also tell us what you think throughout this process (from now until 11 December) by emailing: [email protected].

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