ADD2116 A Diversity Standard for the GLA Group

Type of decision: 
Assistant Director's decision
Date signed: 
22 May 2017
Decision by: 
Juliette Carter, Assistant Director, Human Resources and Organisational Development

Executive summary

This decision form sets out the proposal to procure external consultants to design a bespoke Diversity Standard for the GLA Group. The purpose of the Diversity Standard is to ensure both consistency of approach through a common set of practices and policies and to ‎map where the various GLA Group organisations are against these agreed practices. 

This supports the Mayor’s ambition for the GLA Group to lead by example and ensure that the employment and procurement practices of the whole of the GLA Group are exemplary, with the highest standards for fair pay, good working conditions and workforce equality. 


That the Assistant Director of HR&OD approves:

1.    expenditure of £12,600 to procure the services of EWGroup to design and deliver the bespoke Diversity Standard for the GLA Group; and
2.    an exemption from the requirements of the GLA’s Contracts and Funding Code to seek three or more written quotations for goods or services between £10,000 and £150,000.

Part 1: Non-confidential facts and advice

Introduction and background

1.1    The Mayor wants to lead by example by ensuring that the employment and procurement practices of the whole of the GLA Group are exemplary, with the highest standards for fair pay, good working conditions and workforce equality. 

1.2    An initial workshop in October 2016 with GLA Group HR leads demonstrated that while a lot of 
good work and good practice was already in place to address workforce representation and embed inclusive cultures, the organisations in the GLA Group were at different levels of maturity on their Diversity and Inclusion practices, and further work was needed to agree a common set of practices and standards 

1.3    In order to design a set of common standards, it is proposed to work with an external consultant.

Exemption from the GLA Contracts and Funding Code

1.4    This ADD seeks an Exemption from the GLA Contracts and Funding Code (the Code) in order to appoint Equality Works Group (EWG) to design a bespoke set of common standards, to be known as the GLA Group Diversity Standard. This exemption is based on EWG’s previous involvement working with the GLA Group in October 2016 to map diversity and inclusion practices and produce a road map to set out the direction of travel to 2020. This previous work cannot be separated from the new project, it is a direct continuation. 

1.5    As set out in the Single Source Justification, were the GLA to run a competitive exercise amongst alternative providers, no other supplier would have the knowledge and relationships that EWG have now built up from the first piece of work. Resourcing another competitive process would severely impact on the timings of this second phase of work. 

1.6    EWG will work with us to develop a bespoke Diversity Standard for the GLA Group, tailored to our needs and aligned with standards that we are promoting elsewhere (for example through the Mayor’s Business Compact).

1.7    Designing a bespoke Standard brings with it the benefits of ensuring the criteria prioritise delivery of the Mayor’s ambitions, and we have a tool which is fit for purpose for all organisations in the GLA Group  

Objectives and expected outcomes

2.1    The Standard is likely to include a set of basic level / compulsory criteria and a set of stretching expectations. A reporting mechanism for auditing, reporting and monitoring of the Standard will also be developed. The Mayor’s Office will drive forward and monitor progress against the Standard with Commissioner level colleagues.

2.2    In implementing a Diversity Standard for the GLA Group, we are looking to:

•    Embed a consistent approach to equalities and D&I across the bodies in the GLA group
•    Improve the level of maturity across the group 
•    Support social integration and social mobility 
•    Lead by example in the field of D&I 

2.3    The results of the initial assessment of the group will provide a baseline to measure against. Success will be measured by:

•    Year on year improvement in the level of attainment against the Diversity Standard
•    Year on year improvement in the representation of the GLA groups’ workforce so that it reflects that of the economically active population of London

2.4    This work supports the delivery of the Mayor’s pledges on: economic fairness; creating a fairer and more equal city; challenging inequality and promoting tolerance; and addressing the gender pay gap. 

Equality comments

3.1    The adoption of a Diversity Standard for the GLA group has equality objectives at the heart of its goals, as set out in Section 2 above. 

3.2    The Diversity Standard will ensure that the GLA group organisations have a common and consistent approach to promoting workforce diversity across the protected characteristics and embedding inclusive workplace cultures.

3.3    The Standard will also allow organisations to measure progress through an agreed annual auditing process which will enable better informed decision making on the success of interventions and where best to focus effort.


Other considerations

A) Key risks and issues 
•    A supporting process for auditing, reporting and monitoring of the Standard will need to be agreed, in addition to a governance structure.

B) links to Mayoral strategies and priorities
•    In A City for All Londoners, the Mayor sets out his vision for a fairer more equal city and his ambition to drive up workplace standards by for example conducting gender pay audits to help reduce and eliminate the pay gap between men and women. 

•    The Mayor is also committed to a programme of work to promote Economic Fairness, with a key pledge to ‘Lead by example’ as an exemplary employer. 

•    The draft GLA Group Diversity and Inclusion Vision includes ‘An Inclusive Employer’ as a Priority Outcome and sets out a range of actions to achieve this, including to identify and share good practice and clear standards in workforce diversity and inclusion across the group. 

•    The Gender Pay Action Plan contains a suite of actions that seek to address the gender pay gap and support women’s career progression.

c) Impact assessments and consultations.
•    An internal GLA working group and a GLA Group advisory group will inform and guide the development of the Standard.

Financial comments

5.1    Approval is being sought for expenditure of £12,600. This will be funded from the 2017-18 Human Resources Budget. 


Planned delivery approach and next steps



Procurement of contract [for externally delivered projects]

May 2017

Announcement [if applicable]


Delivery Start Date [for project proposals]

May 2017

Main milestones

  • MO sign off draft standard
  • Peer Review with GLA group
  • Final Design


May 2017

June 2017

July 2017

Final evaluation start and finish (self/external) [delete as applicable]:


Delivery End Date [for project proposals]


Project Closure: [for project proposals]


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