Crowdfund London: Mayor announces the 26 projects he is backing in 2018

25 October 2018

The Mayor has announced the 26 community-led crowdfunding campaigns he is backing as part of the Crowdfund London programme.

These include community kitchens and gardens, learning centres, urban beekeeping, creative workspaces, open community spaces and public parks, projects working with young people and much more.

Now that the Mayor has pledged, it's over to you to ensure the projects reach their targets in our biggest and best round of funding ever!


Which of the 26 projects will you support?


1. A village hall for Clapton Common

A village hall for Clapton Common


Re-imagining a dilapidated and vacant toilet block on Clapton Common into a village hall and community kitchen to provide a shared resource for local people. The cafe will provide food education and cookery skills, and an apprenticeship scheme for training. Communal meals will promote local cohesion across faith groups.

Find out more: a village hall for Clapton Common

2. Bee-Spoke Learning Centre

Tower Hamlets (£20,000)

A project to build up the capacity of a volunteer urban beekeeping project in Poplar, allowing more local residents the opportunity to learn and participate in beekeeping and honey extraction. The project aims to help local 16-25 year olds develop confidence experience and new practical skills.

Find out more: Bee-Spoke learning centre

3. Beckenham Green - Community of Commons

Beckenham Green - Community of Commons

Bromley (£25,000)

A project to create ‘community commons’ in the heart of the town by providing shared resources for a range of community groups to access. A stage and equipment will help local people to host events and take increasing ownership of a public green space. 

Find out more: Beckenham Green - Community Commons

4. Bridges to the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Bridges to the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Bromley (£30,000)

A project to install a permanent bridge to the Grade 1 listed Dinosaur models on an island in Crystal Palace Park. The bridge would enable easier access to the models for educational and event purposes, as well as to drive momentum and awareness to raise the money to fully restore the dinosaurs.

Find out more: Bridges to the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

5. Build Up Hackney

Build Up Hackney

Hackney (£30,000)

A proposal for a new public space in Hackney, to be designed and built by local young people. The project aims to reconnect young people with development happening in the area whilst learning key creative and construction skills.

Find out more: Build Up Hackney

6. Community Cultural Quarter

Community Cultural Quarter

Ealing (£15,000)

Reusing a vacant shop unit in West Ealing to provide a new space to support mental and physical wellbeing and independent living within the area. The shop will also sell affordable mobility equipment, refurbished by apprentices trained by a qualified mobility engineer. 

Find out more: Community Cultural Quarter

7. Community Kitchen For Twickenham


Community Kitchen For Twickenham

Richmond Upon Thames (£40,000)

A new community kitchen in a historic building that will bring local people together to meet, share meals and reduce food waste by utilising surplus from local supermarkets and retailers. 

Find out more: Community Kitchen For Twickenham

8. Creating a brand new school football pitch 

Creating a brand new school football pitch

Croydon (£2,000)

London’s oldest football club and a local school coming together to create a shared resource for the wider community. The project will create new accessible and affordable opportunities to play sport and outreach will bring the wider community together around the new facility.

Find out more: Creating a brand new school football pitch 

9. D-Lab East

D-Lab East

Newham (£30,000)

A creative, open access place of work and training located in the Olympic Park East Village. The hub will provide affordable space and equipment to grow digital skills and support the creative economy.

Find out more: D-Lab East

10. Dream Garden SW11

Dream Garden SW11

Wandsworth (£30,000)

A learning garden and community resource that aims to make an under-used school site more accessible to a wide range of local people. The space will be designed and built with school children and community volunteers. 

Find out more: Dream Garden SW11

11. Friends Rejuvenation of Gipsy Hill

Friends Rejuvenation of Gipsy Hill

Lambeth (£2,500)

Local clean up and planting of neglected green spaces near Gispy Hill railway station by a newly formed community group.

Find out more: Friends Rejuvenation of Gipsy Hill

12. Illuminate Rotherhithe!

Illuminate Rotherhithe!

Southwark (£20,000)

A feasibility study into a lighting scheme to illuminate six historic buildings in Rotherhithe to commemorate Rotherhithe’s key role in the story of the Mayflower.

Find out more: Illuminate Rotherhithe!

13. Keep London’s legendary Bubble Club OPEN

Keep London’s legendary Bubble Club OPEN

Tower Hamlets (£13,500)

A series of events and the development of a sustainable business plan to secure the long-term future of the Bubble Club: a vibrant, creative, fun night club run by and for people with learning disabilities and those without. 

Find out more: Keep London’s legendary Bubble Club OPEN

14. Mother House: studios with childcare

Mother House: studios with childcare

Lewisham (£22,500)

A pioneering new model to combine affordable studio space for professional arts practice with a children's area, where a dedicated team facilitates in-house daily activities. The facility will also include a gallery space for exhibitions and public programme to engage the wider community.

Find out more: Mother House: studios with childcare

15. Revivify Manor Park! Phase 1

Revivify Manor Park! Phase 1

Kingston Upon Thames (£15,000)

Local engagement, design and feasibility work to re-imagine a public park with a bold, inclusive and community-led vision for the future. 

Find out more: Revivify Manor Park! Phase 1

16. Save our Stables Grove Park 

Save our Stables Grove Park

Sutton (£40,000)

Restoring a stable building in a community park to become a learning centre and flexible space for the whole community to use. The building will become a hub of activity and combine sustainable management with community engagement. 

Find out more: Save our Stables Grove Park 

17. Seymour Place Community Hub

Seymour Place Community Hub

City of Westminster (£32,500)

Feasibility and local engagement work for the restoration of a heritage building to better utilise space and create new opportunities for flexible community use. The project will empower homeless people to rebuild their lives and participate in the wider community by placing them at the heart of a new social hub and community outreach strategy.

Find out more: Seymour Place Community Hub

18. A Green Space at St Mary's Open to All

A Green Space at St Mary's Open to All

Hounslow (£32,000)

The project intends to experiment with green infrastructure to bring back to life the unused playground of St Mary's Catholic Primary school, situated along the M4 in Chiswick. This project would provide education opportunities, help mitigate local pollution and open-up the playground to the wider community during the weekends to host markets and other social events.

Find out more: a Green Space at St Mary's Open to All

19. TATI: Brick Lane community café

TATI: Brick Lane community café

Tower Hamlets (£7,500)

Design and feasibility work for the proposed Bangla training kitchen and cafe on Brick Lane. The cafe will look to train and empower Bangladeshi and other women to be able to start up their own food enterprises, and provide an authentic Bangla dining experience for the public. 

Find out more: TATI: Brick Lane community café

20. The Calthorpe Living Lab

The Calthorpe Living Lab

Camden (£6,000)

The project looks to address the urgent environmental pressures that affect everyone by creating a solar powered community shop to sell products made by local entrepreneurs and artisans. Workshops will promote upcycling; food preserving; raw vegan and vegetarian cooking; urban food growing, and plant propagation, designed to help people reduce waste, reuse and recycle.

Find out more: The Calthorpe Living Lab

21. The Farm Café and Workshops

The Farm Café and Workshops

Barnet (£50,000)

Transforming the historic Clitterhouse Farm outbuildings back into a productive and sustainable multi-use space for the community and local creative enterprise. 

Find out more: The Farm Café and Workshops

22. The Flower Bank Hub

The Flower Bank Hub

Barnet (£30,000)

A proposal to transform a derelict shop in Barnet into a community florist and learning centre where otherwise wasted flowers will be available to those who can least afford them. The project aims to run workshops with local vulnerable groups and promote zero-waste management.

Find out more: The Flower Bank Hub

23. Tottenham Cafe Connect Goes Outdoors!

Tottenham Cafe Connect Goes Outdoors!

Haringey (£12,000)

Transforming a disused bowling green into a flexible and inclusive outdoor space to expand a community hub in Tottenham. New power and shelter will allow the space to be used year round and support a range of new activities that bring local people together.  

Find out more: Tottenham Cafe Connect Goes Outdoors!

24. Union Chapel - Sunday School Stories

Union Chapel - Sunday School Stories

Islington (£37,500)

Repairing the roof of Grade 1 listed heritage building and local asset to unlock the use of an inaccessible hall, creating a new 200 capacity community space for everyone to come together around learning activities. 

Find out more: Union Chapel - Sunday School Stories

25. Urban Room Old Kent Road

Urban Room Old Kent Road

Southwark (£15,000)

A dedicated, independent space where residents, businesses, researchers, planners, the council, developers and others can come together to debate and plan the future Old Kent Road ahead of the Bakerloo Line extension and associated regeneration plans.

Find out more: Urban Room Old Kent Road

26. Wolves Lane - Wood Green's mini-Eden

Wolves Lane - Wood Green's mini-Eden

Haringey (£7,500)

A project to add a sustainable, renewable energy source to support the Wolves Lane palm house and cafe. This will allow the community to better use this resource in the winter and create new opportunities for volunteering. 

Find out more: Wolves Lane - Wood Green's mini-Eden

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