Working Paper 67: Updated employment projections for London

Date published: 
09 July 2015

This working paper presents updated interim employment projections for London by sector to 2036. The paper also provides trend-based employment projections for London boroughs, although it is important to note that the borough projections are not ones that would be used in any Replacement London Plan.

The central projections see employment growing by an annual average rate of 0.69 per cent, equivalent to 40,800 per annum, to reach 6.418 million in 2036. Similarly to the previous projections, the professional, real estate, scientific and technical sector is expected to grow strongly, accounting for nearly two-fifths of the total increase in jobs expected in London to 2036. Strong employment growth is also expected in the administrative and support service, accommodation and food service, and information and communication sectors – collectively accounting for just over half the expected total London increase to 2036.

As well as providing new projections, the paper highlights the recent growth in jobs in London and the potential issues this has for projecting jobs from the latest data point.

Breakdowns of the numbers (historic and projected) are available by sector and by local authority of employment seperately and can be downloaded from the Datastore.