London labour market projections 2016

Date published: 
30 June 2016

This report sets out the latest GLA Economics employment projections:

  • jobs in London are projected to grow by more than 1.2 million by 2041
  • fastest growing sectors are in business services, education and health
  • business services tend to locate in central London areas, and benefit from agglomeration economies
  • borough level projections reflect the expectation that there will be continued pressure on employment space in these areas

Professional occupations, and managers, directors and senior officials are projected to account for three quarters of additional jobs. This translates into a demand for a more highly skilled workforce in terms of qualifications.

The report also considers the projected increase in London’s population and the extent to which the demand for, and supply of, labour is likely to be in balance in the longer term, both in terms of absolute numbers, and numbers with degree level qualifications.

The published data that sits alongside the document can be accessed on the Datastore.

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