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London: The Global Powerhouse

Date published: 
01 March 2016

London is the UK’s global city. This data rich report suggests that it can also lay claim to being the world’s leading international city. This report provides a detailed analysis of London’s competitive position, outlining where London does well, future challenges and opportunities.

  • Chapter One, the overview chapter, looks at the London economy from a global and regional perspective. This chapter discusses the implications for the London economy, for business and for policy.
  • Chapter Two of the report focuses on London’ s current economic performance.
  • Chapter Three surveys ‘London’s current position in the global economy’. It looks at areas in which the capital performs well in an international co ntext such as in output, its educated workforce, and its attractiveness in terms of its business and lifestyle environment.
  • Chapter Four looks at ‘the impact of foreign ownership on housing’, scrutinising how foreign investment in housing in London has evolved over time.
  • Chapter Five scrutinises foreign investment (FDI) in a wider context.
  • Chapter Six focuses on ‘tourism’. It details London’ s tourism economy, and measures London’s appeal to visitors.
  • Chapter Seven reports on ‘international migration’. This chapter sets out the stock of foreign-born populations across global cities.
  • Chapter Eight provides a brief summary and conclusion.
  • Appendices include a data comparison between London and New York, some additional data and a summary of the London Infrastructure Plan.