Demand for childcare in London - drivers and projections

Date published: 
26 March 2018

Working Paper 94 identifies the drivers of formal childcare demand and provides London-level projections of formal childcare demand.

In the period since 2004 there has been strong growth in the use of both any and formal childcare, and a fall in the use of informal childcare both in London and nationally.  

Childcare is less affordable in London, and this situation may have worsened.  This may be a deterrent to some mothers taking up part-time work.

The numbers of 0-14 year olds in London attending formal childcare is expected to grow from 0.9m in 2016 to 1.0m in 2041, an increase of 100,000 childcare places, at a compound annual growth rate of 0.4%, which equates to an extra 4,000 places per year.

Historic data on formal childcare use and projected future formal childcare demand for London by age group of child, and for 0-14 year olds are available on London Datastore.

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