A segregated cycle lane, part of Cycle Superhighway 5

London's Cycling Infrastructure

Date published: 
23 March 2018

Do you cycle in London?

If not, why not?


Cycle Superhighways (CS), Quietways (QW), the cycle hire scheme, cycle parking, upgrades to junction design and ‘mini-Holland’ programmes – they’re all part of London’s cycling infrastructure. 


But is progress on the infrastructure going ahead at the right pace and is what's already there, working?

Key Facts

  • Where the introduction of new CS routes has largely been successful, the jury is still out on the effectiveness of the QW programme.
  • Plans to build major cycle parking schemes in London have not progressed.
  • The bulk of new cycling infrastructure has been built in inner London.
  • Difficulties cycling between outer London boroughs and safety concerns are likely to inhibit cycling growth in outer London.
  • Dockless bike hire schemes have the potential to increase and widen cycle ridership in London.
  • Data from dockless bike hire could be used to enhance cycle infrastructure.

Our Recommendations

  • TfL publish a timeline for the six new cycling routes announced by the Mayor in January 2018
  • The Mayor change the name of Cycle Superhighways to something more inclusive
  • TfL should produce a cycle parking plan, setting out clear steps towards meeting the obvious demand that is currently not being met
  • The Office of Rail and Road consider the need for more cycle parking at train stations
  • The Mayor engage with boroughs for a pan-London approach to dockless bikes

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