About the Outer London Commission

The Outer London Commission was established by the previous Mayoralty and is not currently operating. The Commission's reports are however part of the evidence base being used to inform the full review of the London Plan.

The role of the OLC

The OLC is chaired by William McKee CBE, who has a long career in the public and private sectors and is advised on architecture and design by Sir Terry Farrell. It includes representatives of business, the boroughs, the development industry and the voluntary sector.

The OLC explores how different parts of outer London can better realise their economic potential, especially its town centres, as well as opportunity and intensification areas and industrial locations. It also assesses the concept of 'growth hubs' (a new type of business location), whether these can be distinct from and complement other sorts of business location, and where they might best be located as a new component of London's economic geography.

It looks more broadly at other factors which affect economic performance over the next 20 years and its recommendations are expected to include:

  • refinement to, and new suggestions for, relevant policies in the London Plan
  • infrastructure, labour market, institutional and resource needs
  • delivery mechanisms
  • improvements to the quality of life and of the environment


The OLC members are as follows:

  • Councillor Teresa O’Neill, Mayoral Advisor on Outer London and Leader LB Bexley
  • Sir Terry Farrell, Mayoral Advisor on architecture and civic design and Farrells
  • Colin Stanbridge, CEO London Chamber of Commerce
  • Councillor Chris Robbins, Leader LB Waltham Forest (London Councils)
  • Councillor Stephen Alambritis, Leader LB Merton (London Councils)
  • Councillor Ray Puddifoot, Leader LB Hillingdon (London Councils)
  • Nigel Keen, Waitrose Ltd
  • Peter Eversden, London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies
  • Corinne Swain, ARUP
  • Professor Ian Gordon, London School of Economics
  • Sir Peter Rogers, Mayoral Advisor for Regeneration, Growth and Enterprise
  • Peter Hendy/Michèle Dix, Transport for London
  • Tony Pidgley, Berkeley Group

The 4th to 7th reports

The Mayor asked the Commission to reconvene for the fourth time to provide advice on a range of issues. In May 2015, the Commission published its fourth report (Part 1) on residential parking standards. This has been used as evidence to the Minor Alteration to the London Plan 2015. The Commission’s next stage of work (Part 2) was investigating three themes to help to inform the full review of the London Plan.

Contact the OLC

The Outer London Commission is not currently operating. If you have any queries about the work of the Outer London Commission, please email p[email protected].

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