Identifying risks to London

Understanding what hazards and threats we may face in London can help us understand what we need to prepare for.

We've developed the London Risk Register with our partners to summarise the types of emergencies that may affect London.

Explore the London Risk Register

Risks can be graded by their expected impact and likelihood to provide a way a prioritising which risks need to be managed or specifically planned for. There are lots of different risks which face us in daily life, the London Risk Register considers the risk of emergencies which would cause significant harm to people or the environment.

You can also explore the risks and how they might impact you, your family or your business, through our Prezi presentation:

Tips for exploring the Prezi

  • Click on the forward arrow to move through the presentation
  • Make it bigger to explore it better – click on ‘More’ and ‘Fullscreen’ at the bottom right of the presentation
  • If you don’t want to go through the presentation in order, you can freely navigate the risk register by clicking on the main viewing panel and using your mouse to zoom in and out and select the information you want to view.

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