Mayor's 100 Days in Office

It’s been 100 days since Sadiq Khan became Mayor of London. In a little over three months, he’s already started to work on many of his manifesto promises. From arts and culture, to housing, policing and transport, here are some of the Mayor’s key achievements so far.



Arts and culture

The Mayor has made supporting London’s arts, culture and creative industries a top priority. He wants all Londoners to get the chance to access and benefit from the city’s arts and culture. This is also one of the many reasons so many people choose to visit London.

New plans to protect culture

The Mayor is working on a plan to support London’s heritage sites, grassroots music venues, cinemas, skate parks, fashion and festivals.  He is also keen to create the boldest and most far-reaching vision for culture this city has ever had.

2x1 Mayor at Tate

Championing equal opportunities for all

The Mayor wants to create a fairer London. He wants every single Londoner to have the chance to thrive. Sadiq wants to lead by example. City Hall will be a model employer with the highest standards for fair pay, good working conditions and gender equality.

On 11 July, he launched an action plan to ensure full pay equality across City Hall and the wider GLA group. Sadiq has also appointed more women to the top team than any previous Mayor.

2x1 Sadiq with Staff

Cleaning up London’s air

On 5 July, the Mayor announced he was consulting on a range of tough measures to clean up London’s air. Almost 15,000 took part in the consultation. His proposals include a ‘T-charge’ on the most polluting vehicles entering central London, and extending the Ultra-Low Emission Zone so more of London is reserved for cleaner vehicles.

Sadiq wants to introduce new low-emission bus zones in pollution hotspots, and has unveiled the first two already. He also plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street so it is cleaner, safer and more pleasant for everyone who uses it.


Fair fares for Londoners

Londoners pay some of the highest public transport fares in the world. In June, the Mayor announced a fares freeze on all TfL services until May 2020. For the first two years this will be funded by efficiency savings.

2x1 Sadiq on Tube

New ‘Hopper’ bus fare

In his first week, he announced a new one hour bus ‘Hopper’ fare. It means that from September passengers won’t have to pay again when they change buses within an hour.

New night Tube service at weekends

On 19 August, the ‘Night Tube’ will launch on the Central and Victoria lines – a first for London. It will benefit hundreds of thousands of Londoners and will help open up our vital night-time economy. Other lines will follow in the autumn.


Real neighourhood policing

On 21 July, the Mayor said he would put London’s communities at the heart of his policing strategy. He will put a second dedicated PC in every ward by the end of 2017.  

Making sure London is prepared

One of the Mayor's top priorities is keeping Londoners safe. In May, the Mayor announced that Lord Toby Harris would be carrying out an independent review to make sure London is ready to respond to acts of terrorism. 

2x1 Sadiq with Police


More affordable homes for Londoners

Sadiq is determined to fix London’s housing crisis. He wants all Londoners to be able to rent or buy a decent home at a price they can afford. 

On 3 August, he started by boosting the proportion of affordable homes being built at Old Oak in west London. The Mayor also wants to build new homes on land owned by City Hall and TfL, and will fast-track sites that are suitable for development.

2x1 Housing

Protecting renters from rogue landlords

The Mayor also wants to protect the thousands of renters who pay high costs for poor accommodation. To help, he will promote landlord licensing schemes. He also plans to ‘name and shame’ those rogue landlords who exploit renters.

Showing the world #LondonIsOpen

After the EU referendum, the Mayor wants everyone to know London is open to business and the world. London remains creative, international and entrepreneurial. London is full of opportunities and optimistic about the future.

On 18 July, he launched the #LondonIsOpen campaign with a film starring top performers and musicians. Since then, many more artists, theatres, sports team and musicians have come on board to spread the word that #LondonIsOpen.

London is also united and comfortable in its diversity. We don't just tolerate differences, we celebrate them.


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