Young-onset dementia

Date published: 
25 May 2018

The London Assembly Health Committee held an investigation into young-onset dementia in London. In the formal committee session, members spoke to experts from the Dementia Research Centre at UCL, the Alzheimer’s Society, the Dementia Clinical Network NHS England (London region) and Transport for London. Members also heard directly from Londoners living with young-onset dementia about their experiences.

The report sets out key findings and makes recommendations to the Mayor on how to ensure his plans for a dementia-friendly London are inclusive of younger people living with the condition.

Key findings

  • Dementia is commonly considered to be something that only affects older people – but this is not the case.
  • Younger people living with dementia may face very different challenges to older people – including staying in employment, paying a mortgage, or caring for young children.
  • But there is very little awareness of how dementia affects younger people, and very little support to help people continue to live their lives after diagnosis.


  • Tackling stigmatisation should include positive role models of younger people who are living well with dementia.
  • All bus companies operating within London should implement dementia awareness training, including specific information on young-onset dementia.
  • Both TfL and London Councils need to ensure that eligibility for subsidised travel recognises the impact of cognitive impairment on ability to travel.
  • Younger people living with dementia need more support to stay in employment.