Youth violence in London

Serious Youth Violence

Date published: 
21 September 2016
  • The number of victims of serious youth violence has risen in the capital by over 20 per cent since 2012-13.
  • In 2015-16, there were 6,290 victims - a four per cent rise on the previous year.
  • The use of a knife is flagged in almost half of serious youth violence data.

The London Assembly Police and Crime Committee has published its report 'Serious Youth Violence' which examines the detail behind the rise, the reasons why some young people find themselves victims or perpetrators of serious violence and how it might be better prevented. 

During a public meeting the Committee heard evidence from the Metropolitan Police, charity Redthread, Westminster City Council’s Integrated Gangs Unit and the Chair of the Restorative Justice Council Board of Trustees about reasons for the increase and other emerging trends.

Watch the webcast of the meeting

This report summarises the committee’s key findings. 


  • Following an incident of serious violence some young people will carry a knife if they feel unsafe. 
  • An increasing number of young women are victims of serious violence. Females now make up almost a quarter of victims of serious youth violence. 
  • Gang activity is present in only a small proportion of serious youth violence.

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