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Responses to Mayoral consultations on ULEZ and air pollution

Date published: 
16 December 2016

Formal consultation response

16 December 2016

The London Assembly Environment Committee has responded to the formal public consultation on the Mayor's proposals to improve air quality, including the introduction of the Emissions Surcharge (sometimes known as the ‘T-Charge’), and ideas for improving the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

The current Mayor has been making proposals to take forward some of the Committee’s main recommendations, implementing the central charge earlier, and widening the zone to cover an extended inner zone for light vehicles and London-wide for heavy vehicles.

This response calls for an earlier and wider ULEZ and specifically for it to apply London-wide for all vehicles[1].

Read the formal consultation response


Initial consultation response

29 July 2016

The Environment Committee also responded to the Mayor’s initial public consultation on his air pollution action plan.

The Committee heard evidence from a range of organisations and the Greater London Authority (GLA) to find out more detail about the Mayor’s plans and to gather expert feedback on the proposals.

The Committee made a number of recommendations in its response, including:

  • The Mayor should consider a tighter standard for diesel vehicles (Euro 5 rather than Euro 4) in his autumn consultation for the T-charge.
  • Earlier implementation of the ULEZ to 2018 or the beginning of 2019, from its proposed introduction of September 2019.
  • A larger zone than the proposed boundary of the North and South Circular roads should be considered and included in the final ULEZ consultation. 
  • The proposed diesel scrappage scheme must move users from diesel cars to either walking or cycling, or much cleaner alternatives - ideally electric or hybrid vehicles or other modes of transport - rather than into other diesel vehicles that still emit dangerous levels of NOX. Greener forms of transport, such as walking and cycling, need to be promoted.

Read the initial consultation response


[1] The Environment Committee is submitting this response on behalf of the London Assembly. The response is agreed by a majority of the Committee. Dissenting views, from the Conservative and UKIP Members, are noted in the appendix. The Green Member, while supporting the content of this response, has an additional point contained in the Green Group’s response to this consultation and referred to in a note to the ULEZ section within the response.

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