Olympic Park

The Regeneration Game

Date published: 
18 March 2015

The Regeneration Committee has published its report into stadium led regeneration, ‘The Regeneration Game’, which looks at past and current stadium schemes to assess the economic benefits to local communities. The Committee carried out six sites visits to stadia and football clubs, invited groups to submit written evidence, conducted a survey of residents and businesses living and working near football clubs, held a focus group with businesses operating near the Emirates Stadium and held informal meetings with Cargiant and Millwall F.C. The report makes a number of recommendations, including:

The Mayor should incorporate a Charter for successful stadium-led regeneration to strengthen the London Plan. Football clubs and relevant local authorities should commit to supporting the Mayor’s housing targets and paying stadium employees the London Living Wage.

The Mayor should lobby the Government to amend planning guidance, so that stadium applications are automatically treated as strategic developments, which are referred to the Mayor.

The Mayor should make clear what claw back arrangements, if any, have been made with West Ham United F.C occupying the publicly-funded Olympic Stadium, should the club be sold in future.

The report is available to download, along with the written submissions received during the investigation.