Caroline Russell on Blackfriars Road

Publication from Caroline Russell: Prioritising People – How to deliver healthy streets

Date published: 
15 November 2016

Prioritising People

Since being elected to the London Assembly I have met with and been contacted by hundreds of Londoners with stories to tell about their journeys around London on foot by bike, by public transport and by car.

Many are enjoying cycling on the new super highways.  Some have told me they can now hear birdsong when they open their front door since through traffic has been removed from their street. But the majority of Londoners face congested and polluted roads for their journeys to work, to school, to college and the shops.  

For these Londoners and so many others, our city’s streets are just not working as much of the capital remains hostile for people who want to walk or cycle.  

The Mayor is drawing up his transport plans right now, he said that he wants TfL to think more about Londoners’ health when making decisions about how they design the capital’s streets.

My five point plan explains what he needs to do to deliver healthy streets – it means prioritising people.

Read the press release about the report.

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