Oxford Street

Oxford Street - a feet street only?

Date published: 
06 September 2016

Innovative changes to bus routes and service patterns are required to achieve the Mayor’s plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street, according to the London Assembly Transport Committee.

The committee has met with representatives of local businesses, residents, road users, Transport for London (TfL) and Westminster City Council. Today, it published a letter to the Mayor spelling out what it believes needs to be done to make the pedestrianisation plan achievable. 

The letter suggests:

  • An immediate priority for TfL to reduce the number of buses on Oxford Street without creating additional congestion elsewhere
  • A strategic approach to managing traffic around Oxford Street and across the West End
  • Developing a shared vision for pedestrianisation across the full range of local stakeholders
  • Addressing other issues, including wayfinding at Crossrail stations and the need for safe cycling routes[2]

The Committee will produce a full report on congestion issues in the capital later in the year.

Key Facts
  • 500,000 pedestrians walk Oxford Street every day.
  • In 2014, 10 of TfL’s 24 pedestrian collision hot spots were along Oxford Street.
  • Between January 2012 and September 2015 a pedestrian was involved in a collision approximately every seven days.
  • There was a fatal collision involving a pedestrian and a bus in May 2016.

In addition:

  • There are four tube stations along Oxford Street, with an average 470,000 passenger entries and exits every day.
  • Around 270 buses travel along Oxford Street every hour.
  • 15,000 taxi passengers are picked up, set down, or carried along Oxford Street every day.