Actions by policy area

Mapping the Mayor's Strategies

Date published: 
06 September 2019

The Facts

This is new analysis of the Mayor of London’s Strategies, Action Plans and Implementation Plans.

The aim is to provide new information that can only be accessed when the Mayor’s Strategies, Action Plans and Implementation Plans are considered together.

The research sheds new light on three main areas; funding, policy areas and actions, and explores what the Mayor has prioritised since his election in May 2016. The primary purpose of the funding element of the research was to focus on the spending as set out in the Mayor’s strategies. This was so that the research could identify the Mayor’s strategic programmes that sit outside of the wider GLA operational budgets. The research also set out the 2016-2019 Actual Capital Expenditure (ACE) by the GLA Group to allow for comparison with the spending identified in the Strategies, Action Plans and Implementation Plans.

The purpose of the policy areas element was to identify and examine the Mayor’s policy priorities. The scope of the actions element was to identify all the actions committed to by the Mayor as outlined in the Mayor’s 7 Statutory Strategies alongside the additional 27 Voluntary Strategies, Action or Implementation Plans. The research did not examine the Mayor’s progress in achieving the actions set out in the Strategies.

This research was carried out by the Research Unit within the London Assembly Scrutiny and Investigations Team between May and July 2019. The questions that the research set out to answer are:

  • Which policy areas received the largest amount of funding?

  • Which London boroughs received the largest allocation of programme funding?

  • How many actions or commitments are set out in the Mayor’s Strategies?

  • How many of the Mayor’s actions are measurable?

  • How many of the actions are to be completed in this mayoral term and how many are to be completed after May 2020?

  • How many of the actions are deliverable by the GLA Group and how many by partners or a combination of these?

  • Which policy areas have the most actions assigned to them?

The Findings

  • The current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has published 17 Strategies, 11 Action Plans and 6 Implementation Plans. The London Plan and the Old Oak and Park Royal Local Plan are currently in draft format. Of these Strategies, seven are statutory requirements whilst the other 27 were produced voluntarily by the Mayor.

  • Through the examination of the Strategies, the research identifies 225 unique programmes.

  • The analysis of the Mayor’s Directly Allocated Capital Expenditure (DACE) outlined in the Strategies found that 72.8% is allocated to Transport.

  • The policy areas that received the smallest share of DACE are Equality with 0.04% and Communities with 0.06%.

  • The London Borough of Newham received the largest share of DACE, at £2.12 billion; this is followed by the City of London, receiving £1.33 billion.

  • The London Borough of Sutton receives the smallest share, at £16 million, followed by the London Borough of Barnet which receives £37 million.

  • Within the Strategies examined for this briefing, the Mayor has set a total of 1,932 actions.

Of the 1,932 actions:

  • The highest number of actions, 270 (14%), are focused on the Policing and Crime policy area, followed by 252 (13%) on Transport, and 240 (12%) on Equality.
  • 662 (34%) of the actions examined are measurable and 1,270(66%) are not measurable.
  • 1,032 (53%) of the actions are to be completed in this mayoralty.
  • 351 (18%) have a date that surpasses this current mayoralty.
  • 549 (28%) do not have a date for completion.
  • 1,459 (76%) of the actions are to be delivered by the GLA Group, 439 (23%) by the GLA and partners, 24 (1%) of the Mayor’s actions are to be delivered by partners alone.



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