Traffic congestion - buses

London Stalling: Reducing Traffic Congestion in London

Date published: 
19 January 2017

Congestion has begun to increase sharply again, and not just in central London but across the capital.

Traffic has slowed down and road users are spending longer stuck in delays.

Buses have become so unreliable that usage has begun to fall, after many years of growth.

The causes of this change are complex and multiple, as our investigation has identified.

What is clear is that the current Congestion Charge is no longer fit for purpose – it is a blunt instrument using old technology that covers a tiny part of London.

The London Assembly Transport Committee report ‘London Stalling’ calls on the Mayor to reform the Congestion Charge and ultimately replace with it road pricing. The Committee suggests a way of charging people for road usage that is targeted at areas of congestion, at the times congestion occurs.  

The report also recommends:

  • Reducing restrictions on night-time deliveries
  • Piloting a ban on personal deliveries for staff
  • Reconsidering ‘click and collect’ at Tube and rail stations
  • Devolving Vehicle Excise Duty to the Mayor
  • Piloting a local Workplace Parking Levy

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