London in a spin - a review of helicopter noise

Date published: 
01 October 2006

London in a spin - a review of helicopter noise PDF London in a spin - a review of helicopter noise RTF

Helicopter noise written evidence received PDF Helicopter noise written evidence received RTF

Our investigation has drawn attention to the less publicised issue of helicopter noise, which is having a negative impact on the quality of life for many people. Our report makes a number of recommendations to the Department for Transport and others to try and reduce the environmental impact of helicopter noise. These include: better collection of data and monitoring; improved communication and complaints procedures; a charge to cover the cost of helicopters using air traffic services; incentives to encourage operators to replace older and noisier helicopters; and imposing restictions on helicopters used for advertising.

Update: March 2007 Members of the Environment Committee met with Gillian Merron, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, in December to discuss the helicopter noise report. It was agreed at the meeting to initially take forward the key priorities to improve both data collection and the public complaints procedures. The Minister has confirmed that the CAA and NATS are currently working on these issues and when appropriate the Environment Committee, DfT, CAA and NATS should meet to discuss a way forward. The Minister’s letter is attached below along with other relevant documents relating to the investigation.

Letter from Gillian Merron PDF Letter from Gillian Merron RTF

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