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Intensification areas in the next London Plan

Date published: 
08 February 2016

The London Assembly Regeneration Committee has written to the Mayor of London about the effectiveness of the Intensification Area designation on regeneration.

The Committee has identified a number of findings and recommendations that the next mayor of London should consider when producing the new London Plan:

  • The impact of Intensification Area designation remains unclear. In the next iteration of the London Plan, the GLA should set out the expected value of giving an area Intensification Area status.
  • Areas selected for intensification must have adequate transport links. A transport impact assessment should be undertaken at the time of designation and made available to local people.
  • In the next London Plan, the GLA should take greater account of when development in Intensification Areas spills over into neighbouring areas. This can have an impact on local services, like GP surgeries and school places and affect an area’s local character.
  • Future Intensification Area designation should also pay close attention to protecting and creating employment opportunities.
  • The GLA should create a system to establish development timescales for areas with formal designation in the London Plan and improve communication with developers.