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Broken Rails: A rail service fit for passengers

Date published: 
26 November 2018

Every day, many Londoners rely on trains to get around the city. Too often, these trains are infrequent, unreliable and overcrowded, as well as expensive. London needs a rail network that works first and foremost for passengers. In this report, we look at the changes needed to deliver a better rail network for Londoners.

Current proposals only go some way to addressing London’s rail needs. Largescale projects, such as Crossrail 2, will bring significant benefits to rail passengers, but it will be many years until they are delivered. The Mayor’s Transport Strategy offers up a wide range of projects to improve London’s rail network. But it is unclear how all these projects will be funded and when they will actually be delivered. Network Rail’s plans for the next five years address some of the challenges facing London’s rail network, but are limited and again, contingent on funding.

The Transport Committee's report called 'Broken Rails: A rail service fit for passengers' outlines a clear set of priorities which, in the short-term, would improve train journeys for Londoners. We also challenge the Mayor, TfL and Network Rail to find new ways of working to ensure they coordinate to deliver and fund a world-class rail network to serve the capital.

Some of the recommendations include:

  • A single rail strategy for London, produced by TfL and Network Rail in partnership
  • An increase in funding for station access from the Department for Transport
  • A Healthy Stations Charter informed by the Mayor's Healthy Streets Approach

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