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Budget and Performance Committee

The Mayor oversees a total budget of £17 billion. Two London Assembly Budget Committees consider if this money is put to good use: the main Budget and Performance Committee, which is supported by a specialist Budget Monitoring Sub-Committee.

These two Committees scrutinise budget and performance in a wide variety of areas across GLA and its functional bodies including:

  • Transport for London
  • The Metropolitan Police
  • The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority
  • The London Legacy Development Corporation
  •  The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation

The Committees also look at topical issues such as the cost of transforming the Olympic Stadium, the new Routemaster bus, and funding apprenticeships.

Current investigations

The Mayor's 2017-18 Budget

The Committee produced a formal response to the Mayor’s draft budget on 19 December 2016 and it will publish its response to the Mayor’s consultation budget in mid-January 2017, which informs the full Assembly’s debate and vote on the Mayor's proposals in February.

The Assembly has the power to amend the total budget requirement for each functional body if a two-thirds majority agree to do so. The Mayor then publishes his Final Budget before the start of the financial year in April.

London Police funding - 'Who's paying the Bill?'

Recent work

Summer investigation - Funding the Metropolitan Police

The Budget and Performance committee has published its report 'who's paying the Bill?'on the Metropolitan Police funding which sets recommendations on how the Met can keep London safe and deliver the Mayor’s Police and Crime Plan. 

Response to the Mayor’s draft consultation budget 2017-18

The London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee has published its report ‘Response to the Mayor’s draft consultation budget 2017-18’ - which sets out recommendations for the Mayor’s first budget.

Pre Budget Report

The Committee published its Pre-Budget Report, which sets out the key issues facing the Met, Transport for London (TfL) and other functional bodies, ahead of the Mayor’s draft 2017-18 budget.

Transport for London's Financial Challenge

In September the Committee explored the impact of the Mayor’s manifesto commitments for TfL, how they might be implemented and what will be the impact on services, passengers and future investment.

2017-18 Budget Guidance

In July 2016 the Committee spoke to the Mayor’s Chief of Staff, David Bellamy, about the Mayor’s Budget Guidance for 2017-18. This formal guidance sets out the revised process the Mayor will take to allocate funding to the GLA and its functional bodies in 2017-18. 

The Budget and Performance Committee has also recently looked at the following issues:

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