Publication from Siân Berry: Letter to James Murray - residents must be consulted on regeneration

Date published: 
12 September 2016

London Assembly Member Sian Berry has written to the Deputy Mayor for Housing & Residential Development, James Murray, to make recommendations following the Mayor's and Deputy Mayor's promises to publish new guidance on estate regeneration and to include private renters in these processes.

Sian is urging the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to ensure that estate regeneration follows these key principles:

  • No residents excluded from involvement in making plans for the area
  • Full transparency for information on the current state of estates and the basis for new plans
  • Early and wide engagement with residents, when the goals of the regeneration are still open to change
  • Expert support for residents to develop their own plans for their areas
  • A meaningful final say and real decision-making power over the final options, ideally with a ballot for all residents

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