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Publication from Caroline Russell: Draft response Mayor’s ULEZ plans

Date published: 
10 January 2018

The Mayor’s latest Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ 3B) consultation closes on 28th February 2018. I’m keen to hear your thoughts about the (ULEZ) before I submit my final response to the Mayor. You can contact me on [email protected]


The consultation includes proposals for:


• A London wide Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) for heavy vehicles – this would apply to buses, coaches and HGVs from 2020.

• Inner London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) for light vehicles from central London to inner London up to, but not including the North and South Circular roads. This would apply to cars, vans and motorcycles from 2021.



This is a summary of my previous consultation responses to the Mayor setting out my views on what the Mayor should do to clean up our air in his current term of office:


• Aim to achieve full compliance with air pollution limits for the whole of London as soon as possible and by 2020 at the latest for Nitrogen 0ioxide NO2

• Set a particulate matter (PM2.5) ULEZ standard based on World Health Organisation guidelines

• Consult on a London wide ULEZ for all vehicles

• As the health impacts of diesel pollution are so serious, ideally all diesel vehicles should be banned from London as soon as practically possible

• All phases of the ULEZ should be implemented within this mayoral term (by May 2020)

• Implement a road pricing scheme as an integral part of the ULEZ, with charges based on the time of day, distance travelled and level of vehicle emissions

• Make traffic reduction a priority, with measures to reduce car use and enable a rapid transition for more journeys being made on foot, by bike and by public transport, especially in outer London

• Provide financial assistance to help individual disabled drivers and organisations providing transport for disabled people to transition to vehicles that meet ULEZ emission standards


My response in full

My draft response to the Mayor’s latest consultation (ULEZ 3b) about his plans to clean up London’s air is below. I have also included my comments explaining why I support or oppose these suggestions.

When you submit your own response you can add comments in the final section, PART 5.

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