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Advice for applicants: completing the application form

You must study the job description and person specification carefully and ensure you are clear about how to complete the application form. Whether you are shortlisted for interview will depend on how well you can demonstrate that you meet the requirements for the role.

Your Supporting Statement section is a key section of your application. This section is where you must demonstrate how you meet the criteria listed in the person specification. The person specification criteria is outlined under sections: Technical skills, experience and qualifications and Behavioural competencies.

The best applications are often structured to make clear how the applicant meets each of the individual criteria. Make sure your application is tailored to the job you are applying for. One you have prepared before may not address all criteria in the person specification.

Use examples from your experience to demonstrate you have the required skills, knowledge and experience. You can use examples of your experience and knowledge gained from your current and previous employment, voluntary work, education, leisure interests and any other activities you consider relevant to the position.

Avoid listing your role duties and responsibilities in your supporting statement; this should be covered in the employment history section of the application form.

When completing the Supporting Statement the of application form:


  • Make clear what you did – use ‘I’ not ‘we’
  • Describe your role and evidence the skills and abilities you used and the outcome
  • Ensure your example is relevant and provides evidence of the skills and abilities sought
  • Make your answer specific
  • Describe your actions and your reasons for them
  • Ensure spelling and punctuation is correct


  • Provide unnecessary detail
  • Include generalisations, for example ‘ I am always considerate to my colleagues’
  • Paraphrase the criteria, for example ‘I speak and write effectively’
  • Theorise, for example ‘I would always deal with a complaint by…’