Working at City Hall

Diversity and our values

London’s diversity is its biggest asset and we try to make sure our workforce reflects this diversity at every level. We also want to make sure that our workforce takes pride in what they do. Find out how we are doing this.

Our approach to equality

We want City Hall to be a workplace where every employee is treated with respect, and where there is no bullying or harassment. For example:

  • we encourage and support different equality groups, who do everything possible to stop discrimination
  • we have a general duty to promote equality through our policies and initiatives
  • all staff attend a course to understand what diversity and inclusion means within their role, and how to challenge unsuitable behaviour at work
  • we take accusations of bullying and harassment very seriously. We look into all complaints quickly, fairly and in strict confidence. If the complaints are backed up, we will take disciplinary action

This dignity at work policy has the full support of the Mayor, Assembly, Head of Paid Service, senior management team and UNISON.

Find out more information about our commitment to equality.

Our commitment to equality

The GLA staff charter

Our staff charter outlines the values of the Greater London Authority at City Hall. It describes what we commit to as an organisation and what is expected of our staff. These commitments cover:

  • leadership and accountability
  • collaboration
  • fairness and integrity

Code of ethics

Our staff are expected to meet the highest standards of conduct. These are set out in
our Code of Ethics and Standards for Staff, which includes:

  • being professional, politically impartial, respecting confidentiality and complying with the law
  • using public money efficiently and effectively
  • promoting equal opportunities and stopping discrimination
  • meeting high performance standards
  • fair treatment and disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • a healthy and safe working environment

Competency framework

Our values are also embedded within our competency framework, which outlines the behaviours that are needed for our organisation to perform effectively. This framework forms the basis of how we manage people: recruitment and selection, performance management and development.

Reporting our diversity

We produce large amounts of information every year on equality in our workforce. These reports:

  • provide statistics about our employees and our recruitment
  • recommend initiatives to make sure improvements are made
  • help to update existing HR policies or inform new ones
  • are updated every six months

The reports are presented to the GLA Oversight Committee. You can view them in our governance section (under Workforce reports).

Why we support fair pay

We have conducted studies on the impact of fair pay policies on business.

These studies found clear evidence that employers who supported fair pay (such as paying the London living wage) benefitted in many ways. They benefitted with better recruitment, holding on to staff, improved morale, motivation, productivity and the reputation of being an ethical employer.

The highest and lowest GLA salaries (as of January 2015) are listed here:

  • highest paid salary: £170,316
  • lowest paid salary: £22,734
  • salary of apprentices: £18,135 (based on the London Living Wage)
  • salary of higher apprentices: £19,772

You can view the current salary bands in our GLA salary scale document below.

Equalities Taskforce

Making sure we have a diverse, fair and inclusive workforce is an important goal for us. We have set up an Equalities Taskforce to make sure this happens. Its job is to:

  • lead on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • make recommendations on strategy, policy and best practice
  • promote inclusion activities in line with our corporate vision and values
  • make sure the aims from the Mayor’s Equal Life Chances for All framework are being achieved

The taskforce has a clear agenda, outlined in the Workforce Equality Action Plan. Senior representatives from across City Hall are responsible for this, with support from HR and in partnership with colleagues from Unison.

Race Equality Campaign

The GLA work in partnership with Business in the Community’s race equality campaign to attract and develop diverse talent and enhance its work on equalities.

Race equality

Stonewall Diversity Champions

The GLA is a member of the Stonewall ‘Diversity Champions Programme’ and committed to improving the workplace culture for lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff.